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Generating Wellbeing!

Tas Grace Sanctuary

Sharada Rumi and Anthony Neale are the founders of the Tas Grace Sanctuary Association – promoters of generating wellbeing for you!

We have built a “sanctuary” of serenity to rejuvenate and rebalance you for your greater wellbeing.

Imagine – The perfect start of your wellbeing journey. Be greeted at our friendly reception lounge with a fine selection of herbal teas.

After which we introduce you to the EESystem Lounge and you choose a recliner with a magnificent serene view. You then can choose to close your eyes and allow your body and mind relax into the rejuvenating and rebalancing environment.

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EESystem Lounge

Our 24 unit Energy Enhancement System is currently the only one in operation in Tasmania.

What does it do? The system in a nutshell provides a safe and nurturing environment that allows your body to relax, recharge and hence rejuvenate itself.

EESystem Lounge

Wellbeing 4U Online Courses

Hooray! Our first Online Course is up, and it is the Course on transforming Fatigue into Zest.
The course comprises an informative introduction plus 6 Lessons that guide you through awareness, the 4 Stressor factors, practical tools to empower you to manage those stressors, and the mastery lesson on how to go to the next level to sustain Zest.
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Become part of the Tas Grace Sanctuary PMA Community and as a member enjoy a 50% discount on this product plus have access to other Products and Services.
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Wellbeing Retreats

Imagine the feeling of freedom and clarity

Our health retreats combine the calming benefits of mindfulness, meditation, mindset tools, plus the physical balancing that yoga offers.