EESystem Lounge Tasmania Bookings

SelfCare Day (2 Hours)

EESystem recliner for 2-hour session during the day

2 hour Sessions $100
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MaxCare Night (10 Hours)

EESystem recliner / bed for 10-hour session during the night

Overnight 10 hour session $260

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To make a booking fill in the EESystem Booking Form and we will be in touch to make your appointment.

Please make sure to enter your phone number and email address correctly as this is how we will contact you.

Individual Bookings
2-Hour Daytime Session
10-Hour Overnight Session
Emergency Overnight Session

Group Bookings
Book the same session time for 2 or more people. Discounts apply.

Multi-Session Bookings
Book and Pay for 10 sessions (spread over different days, weeks etc). Pay upfront to receive discounted pricing.

What to bring to your EE Session

For each session:

  • Let your body to re-balance itself – just relax. Close your eyes, think, and feel relaxation, calmness, gratitude, and serenity
  • Sleep or meditate
  • Mobile phones off 
  • Headphones to listen to your favourite meditation music if you are someone that requires these aids to get to a state of deep relaxation
    • This is a space for Relaxation and internal reflection – no reading, radios, laptops, or electrical devices emitting loud noise
  • Sleep Eye Mask if you like complete darkness
  • Pillow if you plan on sleeping or are someone who tends to feel cold when resting
  • Drink plenty of water before and after your EE session as it will help your body adjust to the energy
  • We provide filtered water that has been charged in our EE system for our guests during their session