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25-Nov-20241-Dec-20247day-Tasmanian Detox RejuvenationNubeena, TasmaniaOPEN
16-Sep-202422-Sep-20247day-Tasmanian Detox RejuvenationNubeena, TasmaniaOPEN
13-May-202419-May-20247day- Tasmanian Detox RejuvenationNubeena, TasmaniaCLOSED

Imagine the Feeling of Freedom and Clarity!

What is a Retreat?

  • A holistic approach to rejuvenating your health.
  • You’ll spend several days in one of our venues, and completely unplug from the struggles of your daily lives.
  • While you are with us, you’ll focus on realigning the 4 aspects of your health that is MIND, BODY, EMOTIONS and SPIRIT.
  • Calmness of the mind through yoga techniques that are specifically designed to relieve stress
  • Improve overall emotional wellbeing through EFT and HeartMath practices
  • Learn to thrive spiritually to rediscover your purpose, and reconnect with your true self
  • Ground yourself and find your physical balance through mindful movements, yoga, and nature walks

Our Easy and Friendly Package

We do the Work – You Deserve the Break!

  • Return Flight from Melbourne / Sydney to Hobart.
  • Transit – To and From Hobart Airport to Retreat, Wellbeing Centre, and our special Fun activities.
  • 6 Nights accommodation at our beautiful venues.
  • All our Wellbeing Activities listed below.
  • All food and Detox catering.
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Our Friendly Wellbeing Activities include

  • Detoxing – A special proven method to gently release toxins from your body.
    • Energy Enhancement System (EES) – You sleep and let the EES care for you by gently releasing toxins. It also provides gentle recharging, rebalancing, and relaxation.
    • Gentle fruit detox
  • Yoga – To gently strengthen and reconnect mind, body and spirit
  • MindSet / Mindfulness / Meditation tools – To rebalance the mind, body, emotions and spirit.
  • Emotional Freedom Technique – Healing emotional traumas.
  • Fitness – Walks / Exercise to help strengthen your body and mind.
  • 1-on-1 sessions – With Sharada and Tony to help you through life’s challenges.
  • Plus Fun activities listed below.

Our Fun Activities

  • The Dolphin experience – We charter an exciting boat trip to see the beautiful Tasmanian Islands cruise to witness the “playful” dolphins
  • Coastal Wonders – We go on trips to discover some wonders of nature – Blow holes, amazing caves and much more.
  • Blissful walks – Surrounded by water and bush we are blessed to enjoy various scenic walks and fresh air!
  • Fun Dancing **